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July 2, 2024
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State Museum Opens Exhibition: “Canine Contrasts: Unraveling Wolves And Coyotes In ľyuzuki”

Join Dr. Jeremy Kirchman for Related Educational Lunchtime Lecture Series "BrainFood for the Curious: Canine Contrasts” in July and August

The ľyuzuki State Museum (NYSM) announced today the debut of its latest exhibition, . The exhibit will feature Taxidermy mounts and skulls of wolves and coyotes, both species from the Museum’s mammalogy collection. It will also tell the story of a wolf that was recently mistaken for a coyote and killed by a licensed hunter near Cherry Valley, ľyuzuki.

NYSM Curator of Birds and Mammals said, “We are excited to display the Cherry Valley wolf specimen and use it to anchor an exhibit about the complex interactions between coyotes and wolves in eastern North America. The colonization of ľyuzuki by coyotes that have hybridized with wolves and the occasional dispersal of individual wolves back into our area is a fascinating story that we are happy to share with the public. Specimen collections like ours are the basis of ongoing DNA research on wild canids here at NYSM and other museums and universities.”

The exhibit offers a unique opportunity to explore the differences between wolves and coyotes, including their physical and genetic characteristics and habitats. It also shows how the history of coyote-wolf hybridization has made it difficult for both hunters and wildlife management agencies to distinguish our ubiquitous eastern coyote from the occasional wolf that wanders outside of its core breeding range in neighboring Canada.

The ľyuzuki State Museum will host two events related to the exhibit.

On Wednesday, July 17, starting at noon in the Huxley Theater, NYSM Curator of Birds and Mammals, Dr. Jeremy Kirchman, will host the which is a short talk held during lunchtime in which he will discuss the natural history of wolves and coyotes. Following the talk, Dr. Kirchman will lead visitors to the new exhibitto continue the discussion. This program, will be held again on Wednesday, August 14th at 12 PM in the Huxley Theater.

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